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Dear Reseller,

Important: This mail contains details about branded nameserver changes that you and your Sub-Resellers need to make before the 7th of November, 2011. If these changes are not made, Domain Names using these branded nameservers will stop resolving post 7th November.

We have recently made improvements to our DNS Infrastructure and as part of these updates you will need to make changes to your Fully Branded Nameservers before the 7th of November, 2011.

With these changes our servers are now hosted in multiple geographically-distributed locations and have better specifications to facilitate faster DNS resolution. There will also be 4 IP addresses assigned for each of the name servers, instead of the current set of 3.

In this email, you will find information about the changes you need to make.

Changes for Fully Branded Nameservers

Changes for Partially Branded Nameservers

Deprecation of Old IP Addresses

Changes for Fully Branded Nameservers:

If you're using fully branded nameservers of the type ns1.domain.com, the IP addresses for these must be updated to the new ones. Please do the following

  1. Update all the Child Nameserver entries, so that each nameserver uses the corresponding new IP addresses listed in the table below
  2. Using the DNS management services for the parent domain of your child nameservers, update the A records for each child nameserver to use the new IP addresses
Nameserver Partially Branded
Current IP
New IP
ns1.domain.com <prefix>.mercury.
ns2.domain.com <prefix>.venus.
ns3.domain.com <prefix>.earth.
ns4.domain.com <prefix>.mars.

(Note: The old IP addresses marked in red will no longer be used)

Changes for Partially Branded Nameservers:

If you're using only the partially branded nameservers, such as <some_prefix>.mercury.orderbox-dns.com, you do not have to do anything - we will make all the necessary changes.

Deprecation of Old IP Addresses:

The new IP addresses are already functional, so you can make these changes immediately. The old IP addresses will be deprecated after 07/11/2011 (Extended to 28/11/2011), so the changes must be completed before this date. 

Do keep in mind that making these changes is absolutely essential, because post this date requests to the old IP addresses will not be answered and Domain Names using your branded nameservers will not resolve.

Please forward the information in this email to your Sub-Resellers, so that they too make the necessary changes to their branded nameservers

If you have any doubts or questions about this process, please contact our support team.

Shridhar Luthria
Director, Marketing & Business Development

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